Creative paper on the philosophy of the student as a way of assessing his abilities and knowledge

An essay on philosophy will be explanatory in nature, since in it we will try to explain what philosophy is and how we understand it. For those who have not yet come across this concept, an essay on philosophy says that the term “philosophy” appeared in ancient Greece. It is considered to be the author of Pythagoras. It is the very one without whose discoveries modern mathematics would be unthinkable (as the most striking example – the multiplication table or its theorem of the same name.) It is easy to guess that the word “philosophy” mentioned in the essay on philosophy has two Greek roots: (phileo) – love and (sofia) – wisdom, forming (PhiloSofia) that is love for wisdom, philosophers themselves – these are those who love wisdom, strive for it.

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Often you can hear “this is his philosophy,” “philosophy of this,” “philosophy of that,” that is, someone’s philosophy that belongs to someone or is attached to something. In this sense, an essay on philosophy interprets the concept as a worldview, that is, as a system of knowledge characteristic of a particular person, group of people or cultural integrity. Consistency, perhaps, in our essay on philosophy is a fundamental criterion for the presented structure of knowledge, that is, a certain philosophy.

For every philosopher, such a structure begins with certain assumptions (axioms). All subsequent judgments flow from them, lining up according to the fundamental laws of logic (logic is the science of correct thinking), described in an essay on philosophy. Thus, on the way out, we get holistic knowledge that claims to describe the world, individual things in it, and the relationship between them. In this regard, despite the fact that someone’s philosophy is always fixed by someone on something (most often these are texts written by the authors themselves), that is, financially limited, it is a living thought, because the finite number of ideas expressed once in the head of a thinking person, he begins to develop according to his own laws. What the author did not say, on the basis of his philosophy, we can always conjecture this, because the foundation has already been laid in us, which gives us the right to do so. An essay on philosophy confirms this.

It turns out that by processing, rethinking someone’s points of view, we, in an essay on philosophy, thereby form our own worldview, crystallize our own philosophical thought. There is undoubted benefit in this!

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Philosophy is also often put on a par with all other sciences, but it is absolutely impossible to speak of it in an essay on philosophy as a science. It is both a science and not a science at the same time, because at the same time it is also at the core of all science in the form of metaphysics (basic postulates, fundamentals), and outside of all sciences in the form of reflection and, as a consequence, methodology. Philosophy, as stated in an essay on philosophy, moves freely within the framework of any human knowledge in order to find a gap (white spot) and expand this knowledge through it.